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Great Tours!!

Kevin Plaxco and I had a fun evening exploring Jeddah with Bandar and Co. We found them to be pleasant, knowledgable, resourceful, and highly reliable. Strongly recommended!!

Himanshu Mishra

Authentic Tour Operator

At a time when there was no such thing as a Tourist Industry in Saudi Arabia, it was Nomad that took the mantle to help people especially Expatriates explore the untapped treasures of Saudi Arabia viz z viz Tourism Whether it is exploring Jeddah’s historic district to visiting the site of Wa’ba Crater or the ancient village of Al Ula, this operator knows it all and is supported by an organized team

Moiz Muqri

Exciting & Adventurous

Came across Nomad through a friend in 2012 and have been hooked since. The trips are exciting and rich with cultural history. It’s a breathtaking experience and I would highly recommend Nomad to anyone who is game for a truly unique adventure.

Renee van Zyl

Fun, fun and more fun

I have had 8 excursions to date with Nomad and Bander and never a dull moment. The trips are well organised, food and drinks readily avaliable. Value for money and a chance to explore the history of Saudi Arabia. The Festival Of the Roses inTaif is not to be missed. All in all I love the chance to get out and away from the usual routine and I have taken friends with me and have all enjoyed themselves

Cheryl Parker

Great Adventures and Fun Times

I just wanted to send this note to congratulate NOMAD and Bander for always caring about the customer. Our experience has always been a good one with Bander at the helm and always ready for any unforseen adventure! We have had many fun times and I am sure there are more to come. Thanks NOMAD!

Steve Westfall

Reliable Tours

I have been dealing with Nomad Arabia since 2010 and I always recommend their service to my guests.

Chris John
Jeddah Cultural Exchange Company
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